Charge It to the Game With Tom Segura

Tom Segura covers all the big stories in College and NFL football, including the draft, the offseason and the week to week battle to win it all. Sportswriters and players call in to discuss their teams with insight and predictions. Agree, disagree, just Charge It To The Game.
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Charge It to the Game With Tom Segura

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Jul 1, 2016

Tom is joined by Indianapolis Colt Punter, holder, kickoff specialist and sometime local swimmer/party guy, Pat McAfee. McAfee also recently began doing stand up comedy.

Jun 10, 2016

Former Ohio State Buckeye, Green Bay Packer and Cincinnati Bengal, AJ Hawk joins Tom in studio to discuss wide range of topics from his early days being recruited to his love of comedy. 

Hawk hosts his own podcast, The Hawkcast, which is available at TheHawkCast.Show

May 27, 2016

Former Indiana Hoosier, NFL Vet and NFL Europe Offensive MVP, Gibran Hamdan joins the podcast. 

Hamdan is now the owner of Alial Fital, a fashion company

May 13, 2016

Football news and a great conversation with Eastern Washington Alum and former Tennessee Titan, Michael Roos.

May 3, 2016

In this episode producer Mark Manning talks draft grades and big NFL news with Tom. Later, former player Travis Johnson joins Tom for a conversation about everything from his days as a top recruit to playing for Bobby Bowden at FSU, to the struggles of adapting to a defensive scheme you weren't used to playing in. This episode is already legendary and you can Charge That To The Game. 

Apr 21, 2016

CITTG is back! Tom talks about some big stories in free agency as well as some big names to watch in the upcoming draft.

We get the scoop on Ohio State, Clemson and Alabama from sportswriters who know the programs well.